Santa Fe County Offers New Services To Reduce Drug Overdose In Rural Santa Fe County

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Santa Fe County Offers New Services To Reduce Drug Overdose In Rural Santa Fe County

SANTA FE COUNTY, NM— Santa Fe County this week announces the kickoff of a new program to reduce the number of drug overdoses among county residents. Spearheaded by the Santa Fe County Fire Department, this new program involves follow up for high risk clients who have experienced a drug overdose. Upon notification of an overdose in the County, trained Fire Department staff will contact the person who overdosed and assist them by providing lifesaving Narcan and training the individual on how to administer it. Staff will offer specific interventions, including treatment and case management, to affected residents and their family members. 

“Ultimately the goal of the program is to reduce the number of drug overdoses in our county by identifying, training, and treating those county residents that are high risk” states County Fire Chief Dave Sperling. “We believe that our efforts, in combination with like efforts made by the City of Santa Fe’s Mobile Integrated Health Team, will lead to a reduction in the number of overdoses in Santa Fe County.” Program efforts are made possible by funding from the State of New Mexico, Human Services Department, Behavioral Health Services Division.

In 2014 the Santa Fe County Community Services Department (CSD) developed a Health Action Plan to guide the County in developing policies and programs to address countywide health care needs. Half of the priorities identified in the Health Action Plan are behavioral health related and include reducing drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and suicide. From 2015 to date the County has funded a variety of behavioral health programs in Santa Fe County, including the following:

  1. Treatment for pregnant women who are using opiates (La Familia)
  2. A Mobile Crisis Response Team (PMS)
  3. Increased funding for residential and outpatient treatment services (Santa Fe Recovery Center)
  4. Funding for enhanced social detoxification (Santa Fe Recovery Center)
  5. Naloxone education and, training and distribution (SF Public Schools)
  6. Training and distribution of Narcan through the Santa Fe County jail and Narcan training for detention and Santa Fe County Sheriff’s officers
  7. Follow up services for those who have experienced a drug overdose
  8. County wide navigation through a Accountable Health Community
  9. Community based coordination efforts to reduce drug overdose (Santa Fe Opiate Safe)
  10. Funding to develop and operate crisis services in southern Santa Fe County (First Choice)
  11. Funding for a Behavioral Health Crisis Center in Santa Fe (New Mexico Solutions)
  12. Implemented treatment programs at the jail to include the Matrix program and re-entry services

For more information please contact County Fire Chief Dave Sperling at 992-3076 or Community Services Department Director Rachel O’Connor at 992-9842.