Sanchez Takes Over McCurdy Volleyball

Josephine (Jojo) Sanchez is now McCurdy Charter School’s volleyball coach, taking over the team from Christian Lopez. Sanchez is a 2003 graduate of Penasco High School She played volleyball and ran cross country for the Lady Panthers.


By George Morse

Josephine (Jojo) Sanchez has taken over the reins of the McCurdy Charter School volleyball team, replacing Christian Lopez. Lopez had acted as interim head coach and is McCurdy’s athletic director and head of security. 

“I actually love volleyball,” Sanchez said. “They asked me if I’d take over the position. I told them if they needed a coach, I’d do it.”

Sanchez is a 2003 graduate of Penasco High School and retired from the Army National Guard. While a student at Penasco, she played on the volleyball team and also ran cross country. It seems like a good fit for the Lady Bobcats, with four members of the McCurdy volleyball team also running cross country. Sanchez knows the challenge of participating in two varsity sports at the same time. She encourages her players, rather than making them choose. She is also married to McCurdy cross country coach Chris Sanchez.

McCurdy Coach Jojo Sanchez practices with the McCurdy volleyball team. The Lady Bobcats (2-8) will need to do well in District 2-2A if they want to advance to the postseason.

“For one thing, they’re in the best shape because they need to be in shape,” Sanchez said. “By not having to choose gives them the opportunity to participate in both. It’s important to support them if you want them to give 100-percent.”

McCurdy is off to a slow start with a 2-8 record. Realistically, the Bobcats best chance and perhaps only chance of advancing to the postseason is to win either the District 2-2A regular season title of the District 2-4A tournament championship. Play in District 2-2A begins Oct. 8 for McCurdy.

“I think it’s very possible,” Sanchez said. “The talent is there. We have a fair shot. We need to work on fundamentals for that talent to work in our favor.”

Sanchez acknowledges that the team faces challenges in trying to turn things around in the middle of the season.

“It’s hard so late in the season,” she said. “Fundamentals are the key to winning every game. Getting them to bond, to know each other, to motivate each other. To be able to communicate with each other. This is stuff that you work on in the preseason.”

Sanchez is ready to take on the challenge.

“They want structure and discipline,” Sanchez said. “As coach I have to give that to them because they want it. A coach has to inspire their players. That’s my job. I believe in them. That’s why I’m here.”