San Ildefonso Pueblo Responds To Santa Fe County Commission Vote


San Ildefonso Pueblo Responds To Santa Fe County Commission Vote

SANTA FE ― San Ildefonso Pueblo officials released a statement on Wednesday stating that they are both disappointed and frustrated by Tuesday’s (Aug. 25) action by the Santa Fe County Commission to tie negotiations over road disputes on Pueblo land to the Aamodt water settlement (See related article HERE).

“For two years, we have been working in good-faith to find a fair resolution to both of these with Santa Fe County. It is disheartening that after all we’ve put into this, including hours of face-to-face meetings, they chose to blindside us by suddenly tying the two together,” Gov. James Mountain said. “The truth is, separately, these are two very complicated issues and combining them will only further complicate matters, and potentially drag out any resolution to either. We believe that is a disservice to the Pueblo, private landowners who are caught up in the road dispute, and the taxpayers of Santa Fe County.”

Earlier this Summer, San Ildefonso Pueblo presented a proposal to Santa Fe County that it hoped would once and for all settle long-standing road dispute on Pueblo land.

Last week, during a scheduled negotiation meeting, County Officials rejected the proposal which included: