RTD Adds Bus To Chimayo Route On Good Friday

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RTD Adds Bus To Chimayo Route On Good Friday

In addition to its regular 150 Chimayo Route bus, the North Central Regional Transit District (RTD “Blue Bus”) will be adding an additional bus along its Española to Chimayo route to accommodate people making the annual pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayo on Good Friday, April 14.

Two ADA accessible buses will run on a continuous loop throughout the day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (the first bus begins at 8:00 and the second at 8:30) departing from the Española Transit Center on Oñate across from Cook’s Hardware.

The route then traverses NM Highway 76 with multiple designated RTD bus stops in each direction along the way. The route concludes at the Benny Chavez Center located at the County Road 98 (Juan Medina Rd.) turnoff from NM 76, as it will be prevented from making its normally scheduled stop in the Santuario parking lot. It then makes its way back to Española along the same route.

Delays will be unavoidable due to the heavy pedestrian traffic along the route. Regular passengers of that route need to be aware that buses will not be at the designated scheduled stops at their normally posted time. It is also important to note that drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers along the route except at posted RTD bus stops

Delays are also to be expected along the early morning 7 a.m., Las Trampas to Chimayo route which continues on NM 76 through to Española.

You can now go to the Blue Bus Tracker at www.RidetheBlueBus.com to find out where your bus is in real-time with exact arrival and departures for your stop or you can log into: http://bluebustracker.availtec.com/infopoint

For support, questions and concerns call toll-free 866.206.0754 or visit www.RidetheBlueBus.com