Rio Arriba Sheriff Cracking Down On DWI

Photo of checkpoint conducted in Hernandez last year by local law enforcement. Photo by Valley Daily Post

Rio Arriba Sheriff Cracking Down On DWI

Staff Report

The Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s office announced that they will be conducting direct patrol operations and sobriety check points in conjunction with super blitz for the month on March 2017. The Sheriff’s office explained efforts are to reduce the incident of DWI related crashes and impaired drivers to maximize the deterrent effort.

The Espanola Police Department, State Police and other local law enforcement agencies will pbe participating in the March DWI crackdown.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) New Mexico has seen a 37.6 percent decline in DWI related deaths since 2005, and attributes the improvement to increased enforcement and tougher laws, like mandatory breathalyzers for convicted DWI drivers.

Enforcement remains key to keeping DWI incidents down so law enforcement throughout the state participates regularly in campaigns to end driving while intoxicated.