Reynolds Run Organizers Seek Names Of Fallen Riders

Chris and Coni Reynolds Run IV FINDING BROS

Annual Reynold’s Run Organizers Seek Names Of Fallen Riders


Near Penasco, NM – A peaceful, easy feeling in “God’s Country” is what this commanding and picturesque view of New Mexico is communicating.

Photo shows a flagpole with the U.S and POW-MIA flags making flapping sounds assisted by the wind. The question is: Are the flags making a sound if no one is around to hear it? Affirmative Captain!

This panoramic site, near Penasco, NM is where Chris and Connie Reynolds died after the motorcycle they were riding failed to negotiate a turn on the winding NM State Road to Penasco. The annual “Reynolds Run” is approaching 10 years and is held in memory of them. It also serves as “school supplies run” for Espanola Valley elementary schools.

A school is chosen by organizers and supplies are taken that lucky elementary after school starts in mid-August. If you’d like to donate school supplies, but you “don’t ride,” no problem, you can still help the school children by taking school supplies directly to AIP (Assoc. Insurance Professionals) Building, Debbie Reynolds Insurance Agency, Home of Reynolds Run, located at the old El Pueblo State Bank, San Pedro Plaza where Hacienda Home Center is located, on South Riverside Drive in Espanola.

Organizers of the Run are seeking the names of fallen riders to memorialize them during this year’s Reynold’s Run. The more names the better–our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandpa’s and grandma’s, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends and neighbors–all have to be remembered, because in many special ways, they are still with us. People particpating in the Run, sometimes not riding, say they have a “peaceful easy feeling” seeing so many friends of their fallen family member. It helps them move on in life they say, and at the same time, proud that their fallen family member still has many good friends here on earth. 

Call Debbie Reynolds, Organizer of the Reynolds Run, today at (505) 747-3322 or e-mail her at: with a name of a fallen rider. Then join them on the Reynolds Run. See you there!