Rep. Garcia Richard files REAL ID Compliance Act

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Rep. Garcia Richard files REAL ID Compliance Act

Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, and Sandoval) has filed House Bill 94, the REAL ID Compliance Act. This legislation will allow the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division to issue a REAL ID compliant identification card to applicants that meet the requirements of the Federal REAL ID Act of 2005. The proposal would provide for, but not require, citizens to obtain REAL ID compliant identification. New, REAL ID compliant identification cards would be distinguishable from other, non-REAL ID-compliant licenses and identification cards. 

“New Mexicans need a true fix to the REAL ID problem; not only to travel but also to access federal facilities, which is extremely important for my district,” said Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-Los Alamos). “Los Alamos National Laboratory is a major geographic portion of my district.  Many of my constituents have to drive across lab property every day, to work, or for routine travel – and they will need to have access to a REAL ID card in order to do this.”

“We are under a deadline to become REAL ID compliant. Partisan politics has no place in the REAL ID debate and it is time to ensure we address REAL ID compliance first and save the contentious fighting for another time. That’s why this session, I am offering a bill that takes the heated, polarizing debate out of the equation and simply makes New Mexico REAL ID compliant.”

“While many of the proposals for REAL ID look like a compromise, I don’t think any of them have enough support to pass the legislature or be signed by the governor.  This threatens any true fix of this issue in the upcoming legislative session. To be clear, there are two issues we need to address: driver’s licenses for undocumented New Mexicans and becoming REAL ID compliant. While I will continue to vote for the repeal of the practice of issuing drivers’ licenses to undocumented New Mexicans, lumping these two issues together has caused this legislation to go nowhere. It’s time to put politics aside and make New Mexico REAL ID compliant.”

House Bill 94 will ensure that New Mexicans can access a REAL ID identification.