Readers Weigh In On Sundevil Mascot

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Readers Weigh In On Sundevil Mascot

We asked readers if they thought the Española Valley High School mascot, the Sundevil, should stay or go.  Here is what you had to say:

Gwen Martinez writes, “Our town has a bad image. If anything, “We’re SunDevils” is the one thing the community of this town is proud of”

Phyllis Ortiz writes, “After so many years of having the same mascot, it is tradition of Española Valley, we the community are the Española Valley Sundevils, it is just a mascot nothing more, nothing wrong has ever come out of it. Our community has always put our youth first in supporting them in all sports activities; we should worry about our youth and not the mascot in our schools. There are more important things than a mascot to worry about, you as reporters should be reporting what is not being done like changing all the drug abuse, domestic abuse, and all the crime in general, in and around Española! It is so unbelievable that by changing the mascot is what the community thinks would influence our youth. If I have offended anyone I apologize in advance, Thank You!”

Amanda Archuleta writes, “Please don’t change the sundevils!”

Margaret Alire writes, “I agree that we need positive messages for our youth so name should be changed. In a matter of time everyone will get used to (the) name change. Change is ok.”

Patricia Herrera writes, “Changing the EVHS mascot Ida’s silly as making the Washington Redskins change!  Leave things the way the are!  Don’t change our mascot!”

Samuel LeDoux writes, “Changing the mascot would be an expensive unnecessary cost. I don’t understand the reasoning of changing it, if they want to improve the image of the district they should improve the education.”

Cordy Sandoval writes, “It would be great to see the mascot changed. I love the school and I love the valley but that name has got to go. I am a 2000 graduate of Española High and I never liked that name for our beautiful valley and school.”

Isidoro Martinez writes, “The Sundevil should not be changed! Being part of a team and being able to call yourself a sun devil meant a lot to everyone especially if you played sports!! Having a mascot as a SunDevil doesn’t show any type of negativity thought kids or teens nor the community! I graduated with the class of 2014 and I can proudly say I am doing incredible things for myself, my community and my country. During my junior year I joined the NM Army National Guard and was one of the best choices of my life. I have now been in the national guard for over two years and have done wonderful things. As of 2015 I started to work for the NM Army National Guard full time in Santa Fe at the Regional Training Institute, and plan on pursuing my military career. I went to Española all my life and it’s not a perfect place nor is it a horrible place that everyone makes it seem. What makes Española seem like a bad place to be is the people who have a life of negativity and also their attitudes. Teens who act out and get in trouble are not because of a mascot but because of how they are treated and raised at home. When a person has a negative household and is always around negativity it begins to rub off on the kids and teens in that house as well as the rest of the family and friends.This might not mean a whole lot to some but to the athletes, coaches and community being a SunDevil is a tradition.