Rain Can’t Stop Chama Days Fun

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Wyatt Terrazas couldn't stay on his bull at the Chama Days rodeo Aug. 11 at Chama. Chama Days is an annual celebration held in August by the village of Chama. The events include dances, athletic competitions and a parade. The final events Aug. 11 included bull-riding, a fireman's competition and the conclusion of a round-robin softball tournament.

By George Morse

The Chama Fire Department battled a team from Agua Sana in the fireman's competition. Teams tried to move a barrel attached to acable to their opponent's side.

Agua Sana couldn't hold off  a team from Rio Arriba in the semifinals.

A team from La Mesilla was one of the few able to move the barrel to the south end of the cable.


Rio Arriba couldn't hold off La Mesilla in the championship competition.

The La Mesilla team of Estevan Lujan (left), Victor Bustos and Lorenzo Gasca took first place.

These Fire Departments participated in the fireman's competition. Chama Fire Department finished fourth. Agua Sana finished third. Rio Arriba finished second and La Mesilla took first. 

Joseph Chavez couldn't stay on his bull the required eight seconds. The bulls got the best of the riders, as noneof them were able to turn in qualifying rides.

Wyatt Terrazas triesto free his hand after being thrown off his bull.

Rodeo workers try to protect a cowboy after he was thrown off his bull.

Shannon Terrazas is about to get bucked off his bull.

Right after the bull-riding, the skies opened up and the lightening flashed, delaying the softball tournament.


Players and workers (above and below) try to clean up Royston Field after the rain so the championship game of the Men's Upper Division of the softball tournament can be played.

The team of Not Forgotten II took first place in the Men's Upper Division of the softball tournament at Chama Days. The team is named in memory of Jacob and Josh Garcia, former members of the team. They defeated the Scorpions 22-21 in the championship game on a walk-off home run by Jay Besley. Not Forgotten was undefeated in the tournament. The Men's Lower Division champion were the Primos. BTB won the Women's Division.