Quilt Show Commemorates New Mexico’s Fallen Soldiers

Heroes for Horses Quilt. Courtesy image

Quilt Show Commemorates New Mexico’s Fallen Soldiers


Originally submitted by R.W. with the Jemez Daily Post

The Bear Paws started making patriotic quilts after 9/11 but takes no stand in support of or against the war that followed.   We want people to know that we are not a political group, neither conservative nor liberal, we simply support our troops that are doing their job, serving our country and protecting our freedom. 

One mother clutched her quilt at a ceremony and said she would think of her son every night as she held it in her lap.   That is why we make the red, white and blue quilts and give to the families of our New Mexico fallen warriors.  We are grateful for their service and humbled by their ultimate sacrifice.  Each quilt has a label that we have sewn onto the back of the quilt.  Our message says:

“We hope this quilt will always be a reminder of the flag your loved one fought for and will also symbolize our deep-felt gratitude for the bravery in fighting to keep freedom and peace in this world.”

One of many quilts that will be displayed at our show this year is the “Horses for Heroes” quilt.  Horses for Heroes is an organization in Santa Fe that helps soldiers with PTSD and other disabilities incurred during their time serving their country.  They asked us if we would make a quilt they could raffle that would help fund some of these efforts.   This last year our club participated in a Superior Threads program that offers a “thread class” where they mail packets every month to individuals and teach them how to best utilize the qualities of different threads.  In making this quilt, our club exercised everything we learned from those classes and more.  You can learn more about Horses for Heroes at horsesforheroes.org, and for those interested in a pleasant day trip, the Bear Paw Quilt Show will be open at the Wlatowa Visitor Center on July 24, 25 and 26 at 7413 NM-4, Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024, or call Phone:(575) 834-7235 for more information