Put Waste In The Right Place

November 15th is America Recycles Day. Recycling our plastic water bottles and unwanted mail is a small, simple way each of us can reduce waste and protect our planet for future generations.

I believe in leading by example and do my best to recycle whenever possible. I also hope to see you at my annual Going Green with Deb next August to learn more about recycling and sustainability in our community.

In addition to recycling, it is critical to limit waste to begin with. I am also leading the Zero Waste Act. The bill will create a federal grant program to help local cities to invest in zero waste initiatives. These funds can go toward recycling infrastructure, or towards the creation of partnerships with local businesses aimed at reducing waste. The Zero Waste Act will create jobs, grow domestic manufacturing, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean waterways, protect our communities from health hazards, save energy, and further grow our economy.

Happy recycling,
Member of Congress

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