Police Nab Three Taggers At McCurdy

Image above shows McCurdy schoool bus being repaired and cleaned following Wednesday night tagging incident. Valley Daily Post image

Police Net Nabs Taggers At McCurdy

For the past three months residents and business owners in the Espanola area have noted an increase in tagging and graffiti. Because of this upswing in vandalism Espanola Police have increased patrols to catch and stop would be graffiti artists before they destroy private and public property.

It appears that this police effort is beginning to pay off. On the night of Wednesday, Aug. 19, Espanola Police Officer Eric Gallant came across three young men quickly leaving McCurdy Charter School property. Officer Gallant stopped the young men to question them and it quickly became apparent the three had been involved in vandalism at McCurdy schools.

After investigating the area of McCurdy’s campus the young men were seen leaving Officer Gallant and other Espanola police officers found fresh graffiti painted on one of McCurdy’s activity busses.

Further questioning from police garnered a confession from some of the men involved at which time the three were placed under arrest.

Jared Olivas Martinez (20 yo) from Chimayo, Anthony Martinez (19 yo) from Santa Cruz, and Andre Ortiz (18 yo) were arrested and each charged with criminal damage to property greater than $1000, conspiracy, and unauthorized graffiti causing damage greater than $1000.

A visit to McCurdy Monday morning showed that the repairs to the school bus were being completed. School officials reported that the damage had been cleaned up and repaired by school staff.