Pojoaque Pueblo Delivers Surprise Easter Baskets To Sick Children

The Easter Bunny poses with hospital staff and Pojoaque Pueblo team members outside the children's hospital rooms. Courtesy photo

Pojoaque Pueblo Delivers Surprise Easter Baskets To Sick Children

Staff Report

Being sick and stuck in a hospital is never fun. Especially for a child. Especially for a child during Easter or Christmas.

For months now a group of Pojoaque Pueblo employees have been working on a plan to help those children who are stuck in the hospital during Easter weekend. Thursday they put their plan into action. After spending months collecting and assembling some amazing Easter baskets, the Pojoaque Pueblo team loaded up a Buffalo Thunder hotel van with over 30 Easter baskets stuffed with toys, games books and chocolate for children of various ages and delivered them to all the sick children at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe.

The Easter baskets ready and waiting to be delivered. The Pojoaque Pueblo team filled each basket with age appropriate gifts, selected for each child in St. Vincent’s hospital. Courtesy photo

The Pojoaque team had planned this out with the hospital so they ensured there would be an age appropriate basket for every child. The Easter Bunny also hitched a ride in the van and personally delivered each basket to the children, spending several minutes with each of them.

The Pojoaque Pueblo team who made this happen includes Judy Ruggles, Christine Gabaldon, Lisa Vigil, Lisa Maestas, Christy Sweeting, Michele Tapia-Browning, Ashley Browning. St. Vincent Hospital nurses and employees joined in the fun making everybody’s Easter a little bit brighter, especially those children who will be stuck in a hospital bed.

Hospital staff members help to unload the baskets outside the hospital. Courtesy photo

Cudos to the Pojoaque Pueblo team for making the lives of these sick children a little more bright.  To protect the privacy of the children, no photos of them or their families are included in this report.

Team members delivering the baskets. Courtesy photo