Pojoaque High Locked Down Following Threatening Calls

The front gate into Pojoaque High School was sealed off by police and all enterences in and out of campus was also guarded. Valley Daily Post photo

Pojoaque High Locked Down Following Threatening Calls

Staff Report

Pojoaque Valley High School was locked down for a few hours earlier today after the school received two anonymous calls indicating that there would be an active shooter on site today.  School security called 911 dispatch and Pojoaque Tribal Police, Santa Fe County Sheriff deputies and State Police responded. By 9:30 a.m. the entire campus was sealed off with no one allowed in or out as police conducted a building by building sweep.  The High School was locked down while the elementary school and intermediate school were secured and also searched.

Pojoaque schools sent a telephone message to all parents around 9:45 stating that they had received an anonymous call regarding a security issue and moved into lockdown as a precautionary measure.  The recording stated that preliminary reports indicated a situation at a nearby business may be related to the situation.

Nervous parents drove to the outside of campus (photo above) after hearing about the incident and were directed by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office to a staging site at the Pojoaque Catholic church.

At 10:20 a.m. the Pojoaque school district sent out a recorded telephone message to all parents stating that all students and staff were safe but the campus was locked down while police conducted a search  to clear every building.

By 1 p.m. the police gave an all clear and the lockdown was lifted. Pojoaque Public Schools issued a statement that students were returning to their regular schedules and classes would be dismissed at the regular hour.

Juan Rios, spokesperson for the Santa Fe County Sheriff said that it appears to have been a prank caller.