Pets Of The Week

Pets Of The Week

Each week the Valley Daily Post features pets that are ready for adoption.  

Take a look at this weeks highlighted pets and then drop by the shelter to see the whole selection.


Jumbo lived a fun 8 years outside on a farm with a wonderful man who gave him lots of room to roam and lots of love. Tragically the life he once lived was almost ended when a couple of dogs attacked Jumbo and left him for dead in the field. He miraculously made his way back to the farm where his owner found him and rushed him to a Veterinarian. The surgery and medical care needed was extensive but the staff at Vet Clinic was determined to see him recover. After several weeks of hanging out at the clinic it turned out Jumbo wasn’t so wild after all and really enjoys living inside. Which is great because as a result of the dog attack Jumbo has permanent damage to the muscles in his shoulder and can no longer hang outside. He’s become 100% domestic and we’re convinced every wild bone in his body has turned to sugar because he couldn’t be any sweeter! Purrr purr purr immediately whenever he sees a hand coming to pet him, he loves, loves, loves attention. After all those years outside Jumbo is ready to spend the rest of his life inside being a best friend and companion.


This little cutie Grant is playful and always ready for some fun. Grant is 12wks old, who came to the shelter as a stray. After enjoying a day of fund together a doggie delicious dinger and some cuddle time, would be the trick for this sweet boy. He would become your forever companion. When you see what a cutie he is in person, you will want to take him home right away, so you both can start your new life’s together.