Pets Of The Week

Clumsy is … a bit off balance. She has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which means her cerebellum is a smidge smaller than normal, and causes “Wobbly Cat Syndrome.” Although rare, this isn’t as scary as it sounds: Clumsy has been living a life of love and wobbly wanderings in foster, and she won’t require any special care in the future. Clumsy will need to be indoors only and to keep all of her claws – as with all cats, having claws affords mobility and balance, and this is crucial for Clumsy. This precious purrball is perfect and her wobble only makes her more endearing. Please submit an app to adopt Clumsy on our website, and our team will call to schedule an appointment.


Big Girl is a big mama with a big story. Our vet raced in on her day off when this brindle beauty arrived with a prolapsed uterus. What should be inside was completely outside, enormously swollen. For weeks now, she’s been hospitalized with us while we continue to provide follow up surgeries, meds, and supportive care.
This 7yo 85lb mastiff has a big personality and likes to show off her fainting goat trick, where she lumbers up to you happily and suddenly goes belly up, stiff legs in the air, incapacitated by her happiness. She appears to be housetrained, and this might be the biggest couch potato lapdog you’ll ever know; her affectionate smile as she’s leaning on your legs might just break your heart. Give Big Girl some big love and submit an application on our website – she wants to go home and give you some big love right back.

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