Participate in the Española YMCA Teen Center Harvest Youth Parade


Participate in the Española YMCA Teen Center Harvest Youth Parade

The Española YMCA Teen Center hosts the 2018 Eighth Annual Harvest Youth Parade at 4:30 p.m. Oct. 31. Here is Teen Center Director Ben Sandoval’s call for participants.

Dear community member,

On behalf of the Española YMCA Teen Center, a 501c3 charitable organization, we would like to invite you and your youth-oriented program(s) to participate in our Eighth Annual Harvest Youth Parade. Our vision is to bring together the community of the Española Valley and its resources for youth.

This is an event to bring positive emphasis to the youth of the valley and the great programs which service their needs. We would like to unite as one in an effort to provide a healthy environment for our youth and families to celebrate this 2018 Fall season.

We are currently organizing the production of this event and would be honored if you were a part of our efforts and main event. We invite you to get involved in this event by:

  1. Entering a Float/Group, $20.00 entry fee, which will be used to purchase supplies for our “Warming Young Hearts” Christmas project.
  2. Giving a monetary donation
  3. Donation of gifts, money, gift certificates, etc. to be used as raffle items for the parade participants.
  4. Donation of food and/or drinks to be served to parade participants after the parade.
  5. Volunteer to help out with pre, post or during the parade and events.

Should you be inspired to participate in the 2018 Harvest Youth Parade please contact us.
Española YMCA Teen Center – 505.747.6569
Teen Center Director, Ben Sandoval – 505.500.2045, or via e-mail:

Thank you in advance for your participation and support,
Ben Sandoval
Española YMCA Teen Center Director