PARCC Test Results Concern School Board

Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez Reports on the results from the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) test for EVHS high school students. Valley Daily Post photo

PARCC Test Results Concern School Board

“It is Important For Our Teachers, Students And Parents Understand That We Have Raised The Bar On Individual Student Performance And Expectations.”

                                                                                                                –Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez

By Robert A. Naranjo


The Española Public Schools Board of Education met October 21, 2O15 at Carlos F. Vigil Middle School and tackled a hot issue, Superintendent Bobbie  Gutierrez’s Report on the results from the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) test for high school students.

The PARCC test is New Mexico’s new mandated assessment tool all high school students in the state must take and pass in order to graduate. Although understanding PARCC can be overwhelming due to the acronyms and educational “jargon,” it boils down to what the Superintendent Gutierrez explained in the “Summary of Recently Released Scores” where it states that it’s imperative that everyone – “teachers, students and parents understand that we have raised the bar on individual student performance and expectations.”

Superintendent Gutierrez reported that the newly released State PARCC scores reveal that District students performed “somewhat below the State averages in ELA and quite a bit below State average in mathematics.” And, of most concern to the Superintendent is that “…less than 2O% of our students performed within Level 3 and 4 (Approached Expectation and Met Expectation respectively). This means that “approximately 8O% of the District tested will have to retest in this area (mathematics).

However, for the Class of 2O16 there exists “numerous alternative demonstrations of competency (ADC) available to meet graduation requirements for students who do not pass PARCC or SBA (Science), once they have retested. It is important to note that students who were proficient on the SBA as 1Oth graders are able to “bank” their scores, such that they will satisfy graduation requirements.”


Performance Levels  (Drawn from Superintendent’s Summary of Recently Released Scores)

PARCC used five performance levels that delineated the knowledge, skill, and practice students are able to demonstrate:


            Level 1: Did not yet meet expectations

            Level 2: Partially met expectations

            Level 3: Approached expectations

            Level 4: Met expectations

            Level 5: Exceeded expectations

The table below represents the District and State averages for recently released PARCC scores.

Superintendent Gutierrez told the Board that the PARCC test evaluations, unlike other standardized testing systems, allow the students to learn their individual score. Superintendent Gutierrez indicated now that students are individually scored, and their name is linked to that score, it is inferred that they will try harder to improve their score when the retest is administered.

Any parent having questions on PARCC testing should call the high school and speak to the principal or counselors or can also call the Superintendent or Associate Superintendent at the Española Public Schools Central Office. Students having any questions on PARCC testing can check with the principal, counselor or front office secretary for direction.