Old Middle School & Abiquiu Elementary Projects Draw Special Attention From State


Old Middle School & Abiquiu Elementary Projects Draw Special Attention From State

ESPAÑOLA –During the past twelve months the Española Valley School District has approached State government for a few facility improvement projects. Most of these projects are moving through the process quietly. Recently two projects have drawn the State’s attention for different reasons. These projects are the old middle school property in Española and Abiquiu Elementary. Below is a summary of the status of these projects and reasons for the special interest.

Middle School Property Demolition

On Tuesday, May 5 representatives from the Española Valley School District appeared before the Public School Capital Outlay Council (PSCOC).

The PSCOC is the appointed council that prioritizes projects and makes the final decisions on funding projects. Membership is made up of representatives from all significant educational entities, finance entities and the Governor’s office.

On Tuesday the Española Valley District presented PSCOC with a final plan for demolishing the old middle school facilities.

The middle school property is currently being used as a bus parking facility. Prior to that role it most recently served as the campus for Cariños Charter School from 2008 to 2014, when the District terminated the lease after the CID condemned the main building.

PSCOC approved the District’s demolition plan and agreed to finance up to 63 percent of the total demolition costs. Costs are estimated to run around $800,000 including asbestos remediation.

Once demolition is complete the District has proposed to either build a sports complex on the site or to sell the property.

Abiquiu Elementary

On Wednesday, May 13 a special site visit from the State’s Public School Facilities Authority (PSFA) is scheduled to take place at Abiquiu Elementary.

Abiquiu Elementary is one of only six schools statewide that has been selected for a site visit this year because of specific conditions with the school’s facilities.  PSFA site visits are limited to schools that are “highly-ranked” (i.e. with relatively poor facilities conditions) for which school districts have submitted pre-applications for PSCOC grant assistance awards in the next funding cycle (FY 16).

The PSFA serves as staff to the PSCOC and assists school districts in the planning, construction, and maintenance of their facilities.  The outcome of this site visit is expected to greatly influence PSCOC’s decision on funding facility improvements in the next fiscal year.