Santuario de Chimayo


The final event of NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO’S 2019 season will be held this Saturday, October 19, 4:00 pm, at the Santuario de Chimayó. The innovative program was designed by Santa Fe Symphony and ProMusica musicians Kimberly Fredenburgh and Kevin Vigneau, and it includes Ennio Morricone’s “Gabriel’s Oboe” from The Mission, traditional and pilgrimage songs, and an amazing arrangement of Freddie Mercury’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The performance benefits the historic churches in Córdova, Truchas, and Las Trampas. Tickets are $35 and available on the NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO website, www.nuevo-mexico-

PROFUNDO’s concerts in historic churches are informal gatherings that fuse the music and the ambience into unique experiences. The performances are generally preceded by informal church visits and by conversation with the musicians, and they are prefaced by a welcome and brief talk on the church’s history and culture. 

NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO was founded in April 2019 as a collaboration of Historic Santa Fe Foundation, New Mexico Office of the State Historian, New Mexico State Historic Preservation Officer, Cornerstones Community Partnerships, New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance, Spanish Colonial Arts Society, and participating parishes, mayordomos, and communities. 

The purposes of NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO are to raise funds for historic church maintenance and restoration, to diversify the uses of the churches, to contribute to cultural enhancement and economic development in rural areas, to increase awareness of the need for historic and heritage preservation, and to provide unique cultural experiences in historic settings. 

Since its inception NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO has organized four tours to High-Road historic churches in Córdova, Truchas, and Las Trampas (one in collaboration with the School for Advanced Research); a tour of eight historic churches in Mora County (in collaboration with the Historic Santa Fe Foundation); a feast-day celebration at Santa Teresita mission in Turquillo; a concert at San Rafael in La Cueva; and the mentioned concert at the Santuario. 

In addition, with a grant from the Eugene V. and Clare Thaw Charitable Trust and in collaboration with Cornerstones Community Partnerships, NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO oversaw the restoration of San Augustine, a historic church in the Gallinas River valley near Las Vegas, New Mexico. The church had been closed for several years, was infested with bats and bedbugs, and needed exterior remudding. 

NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO’s second season, which begins in summer 2020, includes similar activities as well as new initiatives that will be announced in the spring. 

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