Not Too Late To Help Shop With A Cop

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Not Too Late To Help Shop With A Cop

The Española Police Department’s Shop is still accepting donations and seeking chaperones for Shop with a Cop. The event takes place at 6 p.m. this evening, Dec. 19, at Walmart.

Last year, members of the police department took 17 children shopping at Walmart. This year, 112 children have asked to participate. The department has raised $6,800 to distribute among participants for their shopping trip, but due to the unexpected number of recipients, officers made a pitch to the Española City Council on Tuesday for additional donations and chaperones.

“We had them fill out nomination forms, and some of these forms were heartbreaking,” said Deputy Police Chief Roger Jimenez. “These kids can ask for anything that their hearts desire, and these kids are putting things such as diapers and food, when they could be thinking of things like toys and things to play with. So we reached out to the community, who have responded in enormous fashion.”

Pizza 9 is also participating, providing a meal for the children and their families after the shopping at Walmart. Española firefighters and businesses that donated to the event are helping to chaperone.

Those wishing to donate or help chaperone should contact. Lt. Abraham Baca at 505-747-6030. Chaperones will assemble at Walmart at 5:30 p.m.