Northern Rio Arriba Communities Health Coalition Town Hall Meeting


Northern Rio Arriba Communities Health Coalition Town Hall Meeting

OJO CALIENTE – The Northern Rio Arriba Communities Health Coalition (NRACHC) Town Hall meeting was held on 5/12/15 at Mesa Vista High School in Ojo Caliente. The meeting hosted by Mesa Vista Consolidated Schools and funded in part by a grant from Con Alma Health Foundation was recognized to be successful as there were 200 students and 20 adults in attendance.

Participants at the Town Hall. Courtesy photo

The Town Hall meeting was kicked off by a welcome from Mrs. Gina Terrazas, Mesa Vista High School Principal, and NRACHC Co-facilitators Damonica Alderette and Jennifer Perez.

Zach Freeman from the NM Attorney General’s Office presented on cyberbullying by using music and a PowerPoint presentation. This presentation was well received and very informative on the effects of cyberbullying on individuals who use any form of social media. Safety measures were provided to everyone who uses social media.

A presentation by Omar Torres, Xavier Barraza and Carlos Flores, South Valley Male Involvement Project Peer Educators, presented on youth completing community service through education, farming and hip-hop.  The method of using hip-hop was very intriguing and a tool which can be used for positive messaging.

Chama Community Volunteer, Roxanna Bayer, implemented “Time To Move.” Mrs. Bayer led attendees in exercising to get everyone’s “blood flowing.” This was a perfect introduction on healthy alternatives to prevent unhealthy behavior.

 South Valley Male Involvement Project. Courtesy photo

Break-out sessions implemented in a round robin session fashion were also held for all attendees to benefit from. The sessions included: “Expect Respect: The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships” presented by Heather Sandoval, with the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office; “Lets Talk: Suicide Presentation” presented by Pat Serna, NCCBS; “Prescription Drug Abuse” presented by Maxine Daggett, NCCBS; and “Positive Messaging” presented by NRACHC Youth.

 Pat Serna – Suicide Prevention breakout session. Courtesy photo   

See below for other images from the event.

Coalition Youth – Positive Messaging session. Courtesy photo

Zach Freeman – Cyber Safety session. Courtesy photo