Northern Celebrates Its Graduates

Pictured above is a row of Associate Degree Nursing graduates (who may soon also earn their RN licensure after passing the NCLEX boards)... the nursing graduates received special recognition at the ceremony and one ADN student, Alfredo Lima, was one of the two student speakers at graduation. The other student speaker was Gabriella Trujillo. Courtesy photo.

Northern Celebrates Its Graduates

Staff Reporter

Northern New Mexico College celebrated their spring commencement Saturday May 14th at Eagle Gymnasium on the Espanola campus.

See below for images from the celebration.

The hundreds of family and friends, along with the graduating students heard from commencement speaker David Roybal. Courtesy photo

NNMC Student Senate President Ariadne Bito (center). Courtesy photo

Pictured here is Marcus Vigil, selected by the campus Gay Straight Alliance to wear the official GSA stole as part of his regalia. This honor is bestowed by the GSA on one student each semester who demonstrates a dedication to GSA values of building a safe campus environment for all. Courtesy photo