NM School For The Arts Performs At Moving Arts Performance Center


NM School For The Arts Performs At Moving Arts Performance Center

Valley Students Thrive In NM School For The Arts In Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Music


One could recognize the classical music that filled the Moving Arts Performance Center. From the parking lot, all one had to do was follow the sound of the music which led to the stage located at the Dome at San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo. On stage were dance students from the New Mexico School for the Arts (NMSA), which is a public charter high school for the performing and visual arts.

The audience was glued to every movement that the dancers made and clearly enjoying a rarity in Espanola– classical ballet.

The New Mexico School for the Arts is a state funded high school for students from throughout New Mexico who focus on the arts. It is open to students from throughout New Mexico and several students from the northern New Mexico area attend where they study all the regular high school subjects, along with intensive training in arts. The school is also known for mentoring its students to excel in academics.

After the dance segment, NMSA students quickly set up the props for a short scene from a play performed by three drama students. These young actresses worked well with each other and knew their lines perfectly, critical to a top-notch performance. These students have received quality instruction from the head of the Drama Department, Joey Chavez. This training includes the essential elements of acting at NMSA. The performance was enjoyable, fun and delivered crisply and confidently and presented the audience a taste of what is available for students at NMSA.

Chavez, from NMSA, introduced the final presentation by the Visual Arts Department. Two promising artists explained one of the many art forms a student will typically learn to master while at NMSA. They demonstrated the art of printmaking which entails carving a scene or design on a wood block, then they showed how the ink is applied the block by a roller, then pressed on a paper to reveal a beautiful printed art piece.

After the show, Roger Montoya, Director of Artistic Programs at MAE, was asked what he thought of NMSA’s variety of performances, told the Valley Daily Post, “I loved it!” He added that the NMSA is a top notch school for the arts and northern New Mexico is fortunate to have an arts school of that caliber that close to us.

After the show, NMSA’s Joey Chavez praised Moving Arts Espanola and the Moving Arts Theatre that hosted the show for being a fantastic partner in bringing the arts to area youth. Chavez said that MAE staff and volunteers have worked hard to get a quality arts center and theatre venue established in the Espanola Valley. He said, “that many of the top drama student accepted to NMSA’s Theatre Department have come from the Valley.” Chavez added that he “looks forward to the next group of aspiring arts from the Espanola Valley and Northern New Mexico.”  He said the “young ambassadors for the arts” performed at the Carlos Vigil Middle School, Carinos Charter School and La Tierra Montessori School for the Arts and Sciences.

The students who performed in the play were asked why they attended NMSA. Their answers were consistent, saying that it was a quality arts high school and critical to reaching their next step, a bachelor’s degree in the arts, then going on to earn a MFA (Master of Fine Arts) after that. For students, they carried and spoke with professionalism.

The NMSA can be reached at nmschoolforthearts.org