New Year’s Resolutions With A Happy New Year Wish!


New Year’s Resolutions With A Happy New Year Wish!

Staff Report

Happy New Year!

As a way to help ring in the new year, last week we put a call out for New Years resolutions. We received several responses in email and in person. Here are a few New Years resolutions that members of our community wished to share.

Jeanne Ulibarri, Santa Cruz, – “To try not to work so hard and travel more at least to surrounding states.”

Anonymous – I am resolving to spend more time with the people I care about.

Frank Cruz, El Llano – “To eat healthier because my doctor told me I  had to.”

City Councilor Cory Lewis, Espanola – “To continue last year’s resolution of faithfully serving the people in my district and all the beautiful people of the beautiful Espanola Valley to the best of my ability.”

Anonymous – I am going to learn to make biscochitos just like my grandma. On January 1st I am going to her house and she is going to teach me. I’m bringing the lard.

Betty Herrera, Fairview, – “To spend more time with my grandchildren, I’m always so busy working.”

Lisbeth Godwin, Nambe –  “I don’t know, I always never make it to the end of the year. Well, maybe to save a little money for a rainy day.”

Anonymous – I am resolved to lose 25 pounds by Easter

Anonymous – This past year has been a hard one for my family and me so this year I am resolving to make time for my kids and family. Nothing else matters.

Anonymous – I am going to push myself to get back into school and finish my college degree.

Anonymous – I resolve to get that car out of the driveway before winter ends.

Tony N. Quintana, Espanola, – “My New Year’s resolution is not to make any resolutions. Te gusta? (Do you like it?”)

Do you have a resolution you want to share? Send them to  or visit our Facebook page to send your resolution for 2016.