New NMDOT Partnership Provides Affordable Transportation

SANTA FE ― A new commuting solution will soon be available in Santa Fe, Farmington, Los Lunas and Las Cruces.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation in partnership with Commute with Enterprise will offer discounted vanpooling options through the “NM Go!” program.

The program expands regional transportation options by allowing commuters to obtain a 25-percent discount off the monthly cost of vanpooling if they agree to share their rides.

Enterprise provides the qualifying vehicles including crossovers, SUV’s minivans and large passenger vans. 24 hour roadside assistance is also provided along with a guaranteed ride home, which ensures commuters can leave work at unscheduled times worry-free.  Participants can determine if they should join an existing group or ceate a new one.

“NM Go!” currently operates 26 routes with more than 130 passengers per day and aims to grow to more than 650 passengers daily by the end of the year. To date, ‘NM Go!’ has taken more than a 100 cars off the roads. Cabinet Secretary Michael Sandoval says, “The department is really excited about the program. Not only does it provide an affordable, convenient alternative to commuters while reducing congestion and carbon emissions, it also reduces stress and allows for more free time.” 

Commuters interested in joining the program can visit The more people that ride, the better the chances of the program becoming self sustaining through federal transit formula grant funds. NMDOT Transit and Rail Director, David Harris says, “Our goal is to have this program eventually running on its own. It’s a cost-effective way to get to and from work safely.”