New Mexico Senator & Congressman React To Nuclear Deal With Iran


New Mexico Senator & Congressman React To Nuclear Deal With Iran   

SANTA FE – The Iranian nuclear laboratories may be very far from northern New Mexico but the early morning news that an agreement on nuclear weapons had been reached between the United States, Iran and five other nations has generated responses from our local members of Congress.

Both Senator Martin Heinrich and congressman Ben Ray Lujan were quick to respond with statements cautiously praising the controversial deal. The newly negotiated agreement would lower economic sanctions on Iran in stages, helping it to spur its weak economy. In exchange Iran would hand over the majority of its uranium and reduce the manufacturing capacity to make weapons grade uranium. United Nations Inspectors would also be allowed broad access to all Iranian facilities for at least 10 years.

Senator Heinrich was first with a statement saying “I welcome the fact that this accord will prevent Iran from being able to build a nuclear weapon and threaten its neighbors and the world. This deal breaks each and every pathway to a weaponized nuclear device, including any potential covert effort. In the first eight years of this century, Iran’s nuclear program surged ahead rapidly, adding thousands of centrifuges, building complex nuclear facilities, and stockpiling enough highly enriched uranium to build a number of bombs. Today’s accord slashes that stockpile to a mere fraction of the material necessary to build a single device, unplugs thousands of centrifuges, and it opens those facilities to international inspection. We should welcome each of those developments as a major step toward regional and international security.” Heinrich went on to add “I am deeply distrustful of Iran’s leadership. I suspect that the feeling is mutual. But I am optimistic that this accord is in the best interest of our nation and our allies. This deal sets the stage for a safer and more stable Middle East and a more secure United States of America.”

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan also responded to the deal saying “Preventing a nuclear-armed Iran is absolutely critical to the safety and security of our allies in the Middle East.  We must stop the spread of nuclear weapons.  I commend President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Secretary Moniz and our allies for their commitment to halting Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.  Congress must carefully consider the terms of this agreement, and I will take a close look at all of the details.  It is critical that it includes strong safeguards and transparency provisions that hold Iran accountable.”