New Mexico Magazine: State’s ‘Movers & Makers’


New Mexico Magazine: State’s ‘Movers & Makers’ 

SANTA FE ― The January 2016 special issue of New Mexico Magazine takes a departure from its typical travel focus and celebrates the success stories of the “Movers and Makers” who are driving the startup movement and impacting economic development within the state.
“New Mexico Magazine has been telling people for 94 years why New Mexico is a great place to vacation, and this issue highlights why it is also a great place to start a business or career” Rebecca Latham said, cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Tourism Department. “The foundation of that message remains the same; it’s the people of New Mexico who make it a great place to live and visit.”

     Free digital copy of this magazine available HERE.
“This issue explains how these movers and makers are making New Mexico a place that people want to live. The buzz around New Mexico’s startup culture is incredible right now, and we’re striking that while the iron is hot,” Dave Herndon said, editor-in-chief of New Mexico Magazine.
The stories connect the dots between the DIY maker movement and the creative and tech economies (cottage industries, start-ups, and incubators), and their relationship to the magazine’s core subject matter—the state’s distinctive recreation, tourism, hospitality, and cultural assets.

With the support of educational, governmental, civic, and private sector entities and institutions, these assets represent both grassroots opportunities and an enhanced menu of activities and options for visitors and residents.
Story highlights include:

  • ABQ AWAKENING: With the support of educational, governmental, civic, and private sector entities and institutions, Downtown Albuquerque is being reinvented as a hotbed for tech and creative talent. Successful startups and the urban lifestyle amenities that accompany them—hip coffee shops, boutiques, breweries, and art happenings—are all part of the scene. “The state’s most urban area is being reborn,” states the article. 
  • NEO SANTA FE: The nation’s oldest capital city is taking on its 21st century identity, headlined by the Meow Wolf art collective’s internationally anticipated attraction, the House of Eternal Return, scheduled to open early in 2016. The trend is reflected in an urban revival that starts with the Railyard district and includes emerging neighborhoods, gastropubs and brewer culture, indie movies, coffee houses, and art spaces and festivals galore. There are suddenly more economic and opportunities for younger creatives, resulting in more choices for young and young-at-heart visitors and residents.
  • FLAVOR MAKERS—BUTCHERS, BAKERS, AND PICKLERS: All around the state, cottage-industry entrepreneurs, many with the help of community kitchens and business incubators, are brining, fermenting, curing, re-imagining the art of the doughnut, and making energy bars infused with the mystique of Taos Mountain.
  • BE THE MAKER: By offering studio workshops, artists and artisans teach visitors and residents alike to make only-in-NM art. Call it “tangible tourism.” 

“I really believe that this issue is incredibly useful from an economic development standpoint, and could be used for months and years to come as a tangible piece to show out-of-state entrepreneurs and investors what we already know about New Mexico – that’s a great place to live, work, raise a family, start a business and visit,” Herndon said. 
To celebrate this special edition, the magazine is offering a free digital copy. Find it HERE.