New Mexico Has Lowest Cancer Rates In USA​


WSJ: New Mexico Has Lowest Cancer Rates In USA

A recent study conducted by and reported in the Wall Street Journal (read WSJ article HERE) assesses every state in regards to cancer risks and the propensity of several common forms of cancer.

The results highlighted the states that experience the highest levels of cancer diagnoses and deaths. But more interesting for New Mexico residents is the finding that the Land of Enchantment has the lowest rates of cancer diagnoses in the nation.

This includes ranking second lowest for breast cancer, and fifth lowest for deaths caused by cancer. New Mexico also ranks second lowest for lung cancer diagnoses, in spite of being the 25th highest state in adults who currently smoke.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease, but rates of cancer are increasing.

Researchers speculate that environmental pollutants, increased levels of UV radiation and the fact that people are living longer are some of the factors responsible for the increased rates of cancer. But there are still many unknowns.

The Wall Street Journal study was begun as an effort to help develop a complete picture of risk factors and ways to save lives.

The Wall Street Journal study found that the Mountain West states make up the 5 healthiest states when it comes to cancer.

After New Mexico, Nevada came in second place, followed by Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

And the deadliest state in America when it comes to cancer diagnosis and death? That would be Kentucky. Read the entire Wall Street Journal report HERE