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Tapping Into Your Subconscious: A Radical Way of Healing Or is it?
Valley Daily Post
In the last two columns I discussed the importance of listening to your inner voice to lead you to where you should be in life, including the path toward optimal health.
When I found the Scher Center – or when it found me, as the case may be – something in my gut had been telling me I needed something different, maybe even radical, to push me out of the proverbial rut in which I found myself. Because of all the research I had been doing I knew, again in my gut, that whatever I needed had to involve energetic healing of   some sort.
As obvious as the concept of Network Spinal Analysis and reorganizational healing is, especially for someone like me, I had never considered it as the necessary puzzle piece to health. In this quest for finding various natural remedies in conjunction with the knowledge that the subconscious knows the body better than anything or anyone else, except of course God, this seems to be the Holy Grail.
In fact it is said that the subconscious is the direct line to Our Source and this is why the subconscious mind knows when there is danger ahead or the truth about an individual. Our brain contains neurons and connections that communicate with the rest of the body, which happens through the spinal cord and then the nerves and nerve endings.
This network of communication controls every single process of which our body is capable; and it is capable of quite a bit.
If this network of communication were blocked in any way then clearly it would affect our overall health in addition to the health of one function.
Because this network also communicates with our cells and our organs it would clearly affect their health as well. Our physical health is not compartmentalized and separate from other forms of health – including mental or even emotional health.
Therefore if our physical health were distorted or sick, our mental and emotional functions would be sick. Indeed our reality itself would be sick and distorted.
Does this mean everything we need to heal is within our bodies? I would have to say yes; however, there could also be something else to consider.
If the subconscious mind knows exactly what is going on in the body and it can also alert us to whether or not we can trust a new acquaintance or even upcoming dangerous situations then it could be that having a healthy network of communication would also clear up any disruptions between the communication between our subconscious mind and intuition – that inner voice – such that we could hear it more clearly.
Consider this: if we are able to effectively use our sixth sense of intuition and we are truly in tune with our inner voice then we are able to make split-second decisions, which would always be correct. These decisions include things like whether one should take advantage of an opportunity that presents itself, taking one route versus another to avoid an accident, or even going out on a first date.
If this is the case then conceivably our sixth sense could communicate the subconscious mind’s knowledge of whatever ails us, whether visible or invisible; diagnosed or not. This communication could be in the form of directing us to the correct remedy.
We know there are many natural methods to help the body heal itself of even the most horrific diseases such as cancer. Unfortunately not all natural cures heal all types of cancers. The danger with this is that the type of cancer could be aggressive and one might have precious little time to treat the cancer. If the wrong treatment is chosen regardless of whether it is natural or conventional it could mean life or death. Being in tune with your “bodymind” could help you determine the best treatment course for optimal health!
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