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Listen To Your Inner Voice
Most of my regular followers, those who have made it a point to read the Nature’s Presence column, are aware of the series I wrote on energy.
As this New Year begins I would like to share a journey on which I recently embarked involving energy and healing.
In the last column I discussed a need for healing in 2017 because of all the drama and trauma of 2016. I mentioned mainly two issues many people faced last year – death and estrangement.
As events of the year began compiling in my own world, one thing after another, I felt my energy dwindling. Physically I was becoming a victim to my own emotional exhaustion.
It was a strange feeling, as I was not exactly fatigued, a condition which would have really worried me, but I was slowly becoming less motivated and more tired during down times.
I knew this was a result of all the emotional stress and trauma I had been dealing with all year. There were many things I needed and wanted to get done but I simply could not, no matter how much my mind told me what I needed to do. Despite its therapeutic benefits and how good it makes me feel, even my running suffered. I was physically capable of doing it; I just didn’t have the motivation to get myself out. I was literally stuck.
The issue was neither superficial nor physical, even though it was beginning to manifest as physical symptoms, such as feeling tired.
I did not see how it affected my body, I just knew it was affecting me and something had to be done. I am trained in Innerwise, which I discussed at length, a modality anyone could learn and practice; however, this modality requires self-awareness, something I felt I was seriously lacking.
It was as though my wiring was crossed, literally. I knew it was energy related, but then again everything is energy related, so I knew it was imperative that whatever was going to help had to involve energy healing.
I’m a huge believer in destiny; I do not believe in coincidences. I believe we are given opportunities and tools at the exact time we need them and we do not move forward if we ignore those gifts.
Some people are aware of this but do not practice it; others are not aware of it but embrace opportunities anyway. I think most people are aware of it but fail to listen to the voice inside them, their intuition, to help steer them in the right direction.
We operate from a physical reality and what our conscious mind tells us. We have difficulty operating from the heart or, especially, the soul, which is our life force and therefore knows exactly what we need. I was one of those people, even up until recently and despite all I have researched.
I knew that opportunities present themselves and it is up to me to listen to my inner voice regarding whether it is the best thing or not but sometimes I would make excuses of why I shouldn’t explore the opportunity, “not enough time,” “it costs too much,” “I have other priorities,” etc.
A couple months ago a friend found an event on Facebook called, “Wine, Women, and Chocolate.” It was a free event consisting of talks by various women regarding the important aspects of life – health, finances, nutrition, etc. It sounded interesting…and it involved wine and chocolate! How could we go wrong?
I don’t think it is too early for me to say my decision to attend this event proved to be life changing.  I had no idea when I signed up that one of those presentations was going to involve the energy healing I was looking for or that it would align so completely with what I have been researching and sharing for the past few years. To be continued…
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