Nambe Resident The Voice Of NM At GOP National Convention

The New Mexico delegation on the convention floor. Samuel Ledoux (left of Gov. Martinez) of Nambe cast New Mexico's delegate vote on Tuesday night. Courtesy photo

Nambe Resident The Voice Of NM At GOP National Convention

Staff Report

The Republican National Committee hosted the national convention in Cleveland Ohio from July 18-21 to formally nominate Donald J. Trump as the party’s candidate for President.

This year a local Nambe resident was honored with the privilege of announcing the delegate vote on the floor of the convention.

Traditionally the highest elected Republican official of each state would announce the delegate vote during the official roll call of states. Governor Susana Martinez who is attending the convention spoke for “the beautiful and exciting and diverse” state of New Mexico but when it came time to officially announce the delegate vote she handed the mike over to Nambe resident Samuel LeDoux.

Nambe resident Samuel LeDoux and Governor Susana Martinez on the floor of the Republican National Convention Monday evening. Photo Courtesy of Samuel LeDoux

With great enthusiasm, LeDoux praised Governor Martinez and announced that he was proud to cast New Mexico’s 24 votes for Donald J. Trump.

Governor Martinez did not explain why she chose not to cast New Mexico’s delegate vote but instead pass the honor on to LeDoux, but political blogs pointed out that she has had a bumpy relationship with the Republican nominee. In May Trump visited Albuquerque for a rally ahead of the state’s primary election. At that time he criticized Governor Martinez’s job performance saying she is “doing a poor job” and suggesting that he should run for Governor of New Mexico.

Regardless of why Martinez opted to pass her traditional role, it was an honor Nambe resident Ledoux appears happy to have accepted. Congratulations Sam for representing your home state on the national stage.

The Democratic National Convention is being held July 25-28 in Philadelphia and several northern New Mexico residents will be attending that event as delegates for the Democratic Party.

See below for additional photos of the RNC:

Samuel LeDoux of Nambe being interviewed by CNN news following his spotlight appearance as the person to cast New Mexico's votes. Photo courtesy of Samuel LeDoux

Outside teh convention hall. Courtesy Samuel LeDoux