Moving Arts Holds “Circle Of Love” On Valentines Day

Students at Moving Arts Española Create Prayer Flags for ‘Circle of Love’ Event. Courtesy photo

Moving Arts Holds “Circle Of Love” On Valentines Day

Staff Report

On Tuesday Feb. 14 from 11am to 1pm, families from Moving Arts Española (MAE) will come together with fellow New Mexicans at the State Capitol Roundhouse in Santa Fe to join hands for a Valentine’s Day “Circle of Love for New Mexico Children.” “By coming out in numbers on Valentine’s Day at the New Mexico State Capitol Roundhouse, and in smaller circles around the state, we can bring the focus back to what’s important: Our children,” says Roger Montoya, Artistic Director of MAE. “We need to honor our children and make sure they are safe and loved; we need to make sure they are being allocated the resources and infrastructures that are vital in lifting up, supporting, nurturing and protecting them.”

“Kids need teachers and schools so we can learn and medicine and doctors to make us feel better when we are sick,” says Rosie Molla, a kindergarten student at the La Tierra Montessori School for the Arts and Sciences who is enrolled in the After School program at Moving Arts. When asked by her parents what she would like say to the grownups in the Roundhouse who make rules, she replied, “Please take care of us so we can get big and do good things.” Rosie and her fellow students at Moving Arts have been creating Valentine prayer flags to contribute to the event, the aim of which is to call attention to the need and importance of investing in our children and their futures.

This event is open to anyone who has the desire to see children become a state and national priority. Join hands with the children and families of Moving Arts Española and dedicate two hours to making the world a better place for the generations of New Mexican children to come.

For more information or interviews: Circle of Love for New Mexico Children: Carol Miller Event Media Coordinator: Zoe Walk Moving Arts Espanola Program Manager: Jessica Molla