Motorcycle Awareness Month


May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month

LANL’s Motorcycle Safety Committee would like to remind the residents of northern New Mexico that May is “Motorcycle Awareness Month.” 

This year, the Committee is driving safety awareness throughout our local community in the form of kid’s motorcycle safety awareness activity and coloring sheets (see below). 

Committee members designed and have distributed the sheets to local restaurants in the area. We hope that as you visit these establishments, you will take advantage of the safety sheets to promote motorcycle awareness among your family and friends.

Motorcyclists know the inherent dangers associated with riding and we work hard to manage those hazards and reduce their probabilities. Promoting safe riding habits and raising awareness helps to ensure that all drivers on the road are continuously aware that motorcyclists may be present. We simply ask that drivers make the effort to look before changing lanes, that they share the road (appropriate spacing and speed) and always remember that in northern New Mexico, a motorcyclist is likely to be your friend, neighbor, and coworker

Look twice, you just might save a life!