More Spanish Speakers in the United States Than in Spain


More Spanish Speakers in the United States  Than in Spain

Bilingual US Ahead And (YES) NM Leads the Way

By R.W. with the Jemez Daily Post

There are 41 million native Spanish speakers in the U.S. and another 11 million who are bilingual in Spanish and English. The latter are mostly the children of Spanish speaking immigrants. The number of people with Spanish as their first, spoken at home language, is predicted to grow to 138 million by the year 2050, about a third of the population, making the U.S. the largest Spanish speaking country on Earth, ahead of even Mexico.

New Mexico tops the percentage of Spanish speakers in the nation, at 47%, nearly half of the population. Texas and California come distant joint second with 38%.

Bilingualism is very common throughout the world, and very much so in Europe. Africans lead the world as multiple language speakers, but English is the most common second language in most countries. Extinct, or threatened languages are often revived and reintroduced to populations, and taught at schools, such as Cornish , Welsh and other Celtic languages in Britain. In the U.S. reviving and boosting native languages, seen here in local Pueblos with the use of Tewa and Towa immersion programs is becoming more frequent.

Bilingual education is still controversial in the United States, but growing. Those advantages of speaking more than one language aren’t just useful for schoolchildren — they last over the course of a lifetime. A study surveyed patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and found that those who spoke only one language saw the onset of their first symptoms four to five years earlier than their bilingual peers.

Spanish is one of the two most spoken languages worldwide, second only to English, and ahead of Mandarin, with 559 million speakers worldwide. It is calculated that Spanish speakers contribute nearly 10% of the world’s GDP.

Spanish is the third most widely used language on the internet, third on Twitter and second on Facebook.