McCurdy Sophomore Invited To Attend International Track & Field Competition

Photo on right of Gabe Huerta. Image on left of Down Under program. Courtesy photos

McCurdy Sophomore Invited To Attend International Track & Field Competition

Staff Report

McCurdy High School sophomore student Gabe Huerta has been invited to an international track and field event in Australia this coming summer. Huerta, a runner for McCurdy received an invitation from the Down Under Sports Tournaments organization which hosts athletes from around the world at international events in Australia. Huerta will be running in two events, the 400 and 200 meter runs as part of the  Mountain Conference Track and Field Team, which represents the mountain west region of the United States. Huerta said “I am honored to be an ambassador of not only my community and state, but also our country”.

Huerta and his parents plan on attending the event this coming summer and are in the process of fundraising for Huerta’s team to go. “I am looking for sponsors to make donations towards the cost of competing down under” said Herta, adding  “A major source of funds comes through voluntary contributions of family, friends, and business sponsors”.

Huerta is asking community members to consider donating towards his goal. A special Pizza 9 fundraiser is planned for Monday, Dec. 19 at the Pizza 9 location on Riverside Drive in Espanola. 25% of all sales from people presenting a coupon (CLICK HERE) will go towards the fundraiser. In addition, individuals and businesses may contribute directly to the effort. Click HERE to review his donation letter, or contact Ronnie Herta, Gabe Huerta’s father at (505) 670-6876 for more information.