Marco Serna Challenges Valerie Plame To Return White Supremacist Contributions


PRESS ALERT, November 6, 2019

Santa Fe, NM – “Declaring that there is no place for hate speech and antisemitism in our country,” Marco Serna called upon his primary election opponent Valerie Plame to return all contributions she has received from holocaust deniers and white supremacists.” We know from press reports that Ms. Plame has accepted contributions from Holocaust deniers. What we don’t know—given the $390,7990 in un-itemized receipts—is the extent of her support from white supremacists. I am challenging her to disclose all of her contributors so that we can see the depth of her white supremacist support.”                                                   

Marco Serna, Candidate for Congress, New Mexico District 3                                                                                                         

Serna’s campaign included a copy of an article that Plame tweeted to her followers titled “America Jews are driving America’s war.” It also issued a fact sheet that detailed the rising incidents of hate speech in America and in New Mexico. Lastly, the press release included press clips from national pundits who criticized Plame for her anti-Semitic tweets.
Serna stated, “Now more than ever, words matter, and it’s time that we stand up to the forces of hate speech, whether it is from Donald Trump or Valerie Plame. Her promotion of an article titled ‘America’s Jews are driving America’s war’ is a classic example of recklessly promoting hate speech.”
 The copy of the article asserted that Jews “owned the media,” Jews should wear labels while on national television, and their beliefs are as dangerous as “rat poison.” One of the other articles she tweeted accused Israel of orchestrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In her campaign for Congress, she has accepted contributions from a prominent Holocaust denier Pete McCloskey who has given speeches promoting the “so-called Holocaust” and praised a right-wing group for its efforts to combat conventional wisdom on the genocide.

Valerie Plame, Candidate for Congress, New Mexico District 3

When originally confronted with complaints, Ms. Plame told her critics to “First of all, calm down. Re-tweets don’t imply endorsements. Yes, very provocative but thoughtful.”
Serna agrees with Chris Cuomo on CNN when he rightfully confronted Plame for stating, “You have retweeted or shown interest in articles that are put out by a website that is basically a platform for extremist thought and antisemitism….You have shown other interests in the web site before. Why would you have anything to do with a web site that is operated or at least provided by a guy who is a Holocaust denier?”
“It’s not enough to apologize when (1) Plame has a long history of spreading anti-Semitic rhetoric; (2) when she was put on notice of promoting anti-Semitic views she defended her anti-Semitic tweet; and (3) an apology came only after it was politically beneficial and necessary,” stated Serna.
Serna closed by stating, “A 2018 FBI report highlighted that hate crimes against Jews in America rose by more than a third last year and accounted for 58% of all religion-based crimes.  It’s bad enough we have had to endure three years of Donald Trump’s divisive and incendiary hate speech. I simply cannot remain silent when a member of my own party promotes this type of hate speech given the violent and devastating effects!”


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