Man Arrested For Firing Gun Near Pojoaque Campus

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Man Arrested For Firing Gun Near Pojoaque Campus

Staff Report

Wednesday was an exciting day at Pojoaque Valley Schools, with a lock down at the high school and police searching three campuses for suspicious activities.

After school let out Wednesday afternoon and the sports teams were outside practicing, gunshots were heard.  Around 4 p.m. school staff heard shots being fired east and up-behind the elementary school.  Staff reacted quickly, bringing all student athletes and other students still on campus inside.  An email to staff reports that shots continued to be heard and police, who were already on high alert anyway responded immediately. 

Police apprehended a 49 year old man east and behind the Pablo Roybal Elementary School.  Police report that the man said he was target practicing but they are questioning him as to why he was target practicing so close to a school and why so soon after a major security scare.