Maggie Toulouse Oliver Gains Personal Endorsements From NM House Reps

maggie Toulouse Oliver - Senate

New Mexico State Representatives are #NewMexicansForMaggie as they endorse Maggie Toulouse Oliver for Senate

ALBUQUERQUE- Distinctive members of the New Mexico legislature have endorsed U.S. Senate Candidate, Maggie Toulouse Oliver. Representatives Patricia Roybal-Caballero, Day Hochman-Vigil, Debbie Sariñana, Natalie Figueroa, Joy Garratt, Joanne Ferrary, Angelica Rubio, and Christine Trujillo have all personally endorsed present Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver in her candidacy to become New Mexico’s first female Senator. 

Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero, (D-NM), District 13

Rep. Roybal-Caballero has thrown her support behind Maggie saying, “I have had the privilege of working with Maggie Toulouse Oliver and have found her to be innovative and creative in her approaches to solving administrative processes, always seeking to improve them, in order to better serve the public’s interest. She is relentless in her work ethic and seeks to see the future in all opportunity. She will rein in the many opportunities in D.C. and bring them home for a better future for all.”

Similarly, Rep. Sariñana spoke about why she supports Toulouse Oliver stating, “I confidently endorse Maggie Toulouse Oliver for the U.S. Senate. I worked closely with Maggie to pass the Automatic Voter Registration and Same-Day Voter Registration Bills through the House of Representatives. I saw her determination and drive to pass these bills for all New Mexicans. Maggie’s well-known commitment to accountability in government will promote an atmosphere of openness in the U.S. Senate. If you want to see honest people in government, join me in supporting Maggie Toulouse Oliver for U.S. Senate.”

Another endorser, Natalie Figueroa noted, “Maggie has a proven record of ethical and effective leadership on behalf of all New Mexicans and the energy and drive to work even harder for us in Washington, D.C.” 

Other local representatives praised Maggie’s work ethic and fitness for office.  Representative Garratt endorsed her by saying, “Maggie Toulouse Oliver combines a positive can-do attitude with a commitment to listening to the views of each and every New Mexican. As a long-time public servant, she will be a powerful advocate in the United States Senate for the issues–small and large–that we New Mexicans care about.”

Rep. Joanne Ferrary, (D-NM), District 37

Furthermore, Representative Joanne Ferrary similarly stated, “I’m endorsing Maggie Toulouse Oliver to be our next Senator to represent New Mexico in Congress, because of the great work she has done as our Secretary of State to enhance voter participation and protections. Maggie understands all the issues our State faces and she has the vision and tenacity to work hard for National initiatives that will help New Mexico for better health care, improving education, saving the environment, and developing economic opportunities.  Maggie is in touch with NM and the issues that impact our lives!” 

“I have known Maggie for a very long time now, and consider her to be a very good friend. More importantly, though—and time and time again, she has proven herself to be a public servant that serves everyone, always looking out for the most marginalized, and the voiceless. I trust and have so much faith in her genuine love for this state, its people, and this land, that I can’t think of anyone else that can better serve New Mexico in Washington. She isn’t just rooted in the values of our great state, but like many of our own resilient stories, she has her own. Maggie is the bold and progressive voice we need in this moment, and I proudly and enthusiastically support her in serving us in the United States Senate,” said Representative Angelica Rubio. 

Rep. Christine Trujillo, (D-NM), District 25

One representative reflected on Maggie’s personal story and how her lived experience will inform her leadership in the U.S. Senate. “Maggie Toulouse Oliver is exactly the kind of person we want representing us in the U.S. Senate. Her story is a New Mexico story—single mom, no health insurance, saddled with debt, but fighting hard for her family and ultimately making it work. We need voices like Maggie’s in the Senate. We need New Mexico’s voice in the Senate,” said Representative Christine Trujillo. 

Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s Senate campaign continues to gain substantial traction and support from both elected officials and community members across the state. They all stand as #NewMexicansForMaggie. 

Maggie Toulouse Oliver is a progressive trailblazer running to become the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from New Mexico. Maggie’s values are rooted in our state and the life she’s built here. Maggie was a single mom at the age of 24, without healthcare, and a son on Medicaid. She worked her way through college, paycheck-to-paycheck, to build a better life for her family. She’s served as Bernalillo County Clerk and now as Secretary of State where she’s helped clean up state government, hold dark-money special interests accountable, and oversee fair elections.

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