LTE: Pledging To Be An Example Of Kindness

Liddie F. Martinez. Courtesy photo

Letter To Editor: Pledging To Be An Example Of Kindness

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Dear Editor,

It Starts With Me and, because of that I am honored to serve our community through the United Way of Northern New Mexico, as one of the 2017 Campaign Chairs. I serve in this capacity because I sincerely believe in our United Way of Northern New Mexico and the critical services they help make possible in our community.  In addition, I also volunteer my time as a member of the United Way of Northern New Mexico Board and this year had the privilege of serving as the Site Visit Chair.  As a result, I have had the opportunity to visit with leadership from a wide variety of agencies serving our region.  As a donor, I am very familiar with several of these organizations and am deeply appreciative of the critical services they provide free of cost to those most vulnerable in our communities.  What I was surprised to learn was that there are just as many small, not for profit organization I was completely unfamiliar with who are also providing much needed services.  One of note is Self Help, Inc. whom has been connecting families in Northern New Mexico with available resources since 1969 out of their Los Alamos location.  How is it possible that I had not heard about this non-profit?  I’ve been volunteering and serving my community for more than 30 years.  In a quiet way these amazing people help over a thousand people a year with utilities, food, housing, transportation and medical issues, 85% of which are residents of Rio Arriba County, through their Emergency Fund and that is only one of many programs they provide to promote self-resiliency. That is a mission I can stand behind!

– A Few Facts —–

  • The United Way of Northern NM partners with 29 nonprofits this year. 
  • Ultimately, these programs positively affected the lives of over 12,500 of our neighbors in 2016. 
  • Annually, our fund raises approximately half of what is requested by nonprofits serving our friends and neighbors.  —–

This year I am pledging to be an example of kindness that I would like to see in the world and country because it starts with me.  I ask you to join me and other caring individuals this year, by investing in our Community Action Fund.  Any amount invested will increase access to resources for those in need.

Investments can be made by going to or by calling 505-662-0800. 


Liddie F. Martinez
2017 Campaign Chair
Member, United Way of Northern New Mexico Board