Los Alamos Man Shuts Down ABQ Sunport

Jeremy Danielson charged with a felony. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Man Shuts Down Albuquerque Sunport

Submitted by Carol A. Clark 

Staff Report

Albuquerque police arrested a Los Alamos man Sunday at the Albuquerque International Sunport after it was discovered that he possessed a suspicious device in his carry-on luggage.

Police charged Jeremy Danielson, 40, with one felony count of possessing a hoax bomb or explosive, a charge under the state’s criminal code that surrounds intentionally placing, giving or mailing any false bomb or explosive with the intent that any other person thinks it is real.

Upon discovering the device, the security checkpoint was evacuated and shut down a little before 2 p.m. while a bomb squad inspected the device. Numerous flights were delayed as a result. Passengers were not allowed to use the escalators or go past the concourse. This left hundreds of passengers stranded and delayed in the airport.

Authorities say Danielson, who works at Los Alamos National Laboratory, was interviewed after the device was found. No other details were given. KOB Channel 4 reports that incoming planes were allowed to land during the shutdown, but passengers were not allowed to deboard. Some passengers were on their planes for more than an hour waiting to get into the Sunport.

The Sunport gave the all clear about 3:45 p.m. and all airport activity resumed.

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