Local Business Organization Awards Grants Totaling $60,000


Local Business Organization Awards Grants Totaling $60,000

The Los Alamos National Laboratory Major Subcontractors Consortium (LANL MSC), an organization made up of local northern New Mexico businesses that have contracts at LANL awarded five economic development grants to nonprofit organizations serving various communities in northern NM.

Starting in 2006, the LANL MSC, in partnership with New Mexico Community Foundation, and Los Alamos National Security, raises funds from its members and awards grants to support economic development projects in northern New Mexico counties, as well as the Eight Northern Pueblos. Specifically, the LANL MSC supports projects or initiatives that strengthen local product development and distribution, promote the use of locally produced goods in product development for sale outside the region, increase sales for local businesses, and/or support local job creation.

The five grants awarded this year, totaling $60,000, were given to the following recipients:

  • Española Valley Fiber Arts Center will cultivate and support multi-generational participation in local, traditional and contemporary Fiber Arts, specifically through the sales-focused 5th Annual Fiber Arts Fiesta, dedicated to promote handmade creations of New Mexico’s Fiber Artists. 
  • Los Alamos Institutes’ projectY co-work Los Alamos is a collaborative co-working space that serves as a hub for startups, freelancers and others to be connected to like-minded entrepreneurs, business experts, investors and mentors.  projectY co-work will expand their structured programming in the form of trainings and workshops, with more quality and accessible content by incubator and accelerator experts to a diverse range of individuals pursuing startups.
  • Reunity Resources, based in Santa Fe County, will purchase commercial bagging equipment which will allow for the regional distribution and sale of premium compost products produced by Reunity Resources. The bagging infrastructure will also support partnering with other local producers of landscaping/gardeners products to develop the market for high quality regional products and increase the accessibility of exporting to regional retailers.
  • Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute will increase the capacity and outreach of their Micro Loan Fund and Training & Professional Development Programs. The Micro Loan Fund will make working capital available to farmers and help manage seasonally fluctuating cash flow inherent to the sector. The Professional Development Program will help connect farmers to resources and technical assistance in order to improve their businesses and increase sales for Santa Fe Farmers’ Market vendors.
  • Women’s Economic Self-Security Team (WESST) will support the delivery of an expanded Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship™ Program and an advanced Etsy Creative Entrepreneurship™ Program to northern New Mexico communities in order to help build the revenue earning capacity of creatives by providing business training and skills development.

To learn more about previous grant awardees, view the video below.

The LANL MSC is a collaborative of the 35 largest LANL Subcontractors who pool and designate their individual corporate resources towards diversifying Northern New Mexico’s economy. Specifically, the Consortium’s Economic Development Grant Pool, established in 2006, provides LANL subcontractors with a direct mechanism by which to make high-impact investments, collectively, towards the region’s economic development. All Consortium-raised dollars for the grant pool are matched dollar for dollar by Los Alamos National Security. The LANL MSC Grant Pool Fund is held and managed by New Mexico Community Foundation. Click HERE to learn more about the MSC.

The New Mexico Community Foundation’s mission is to steward community resources, build partnerships, and create opportunities that transform lives throughout New Mexico. www.nmcf.org