Letter To The Editor: City Clerk Ran Election With Professionalism & Competence

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Letter To The Editor: City Clerk Ran Election With Professionalism & Competence

Dear Editor,

Today I reach out to your respected voice in the community to recognize, and honor a member of our city government, who by character transparent with no-political ties Anna Galvez Squires accepted appointment to office as city clerk to endeavor the burden of being the backbone to our city’s elected governing body, the public, becoming our municipalities face, voice, messenger, in addition to the responsibilities and personal sacrifice required by the title of City Clerk.  March 2018, 6 years in office Anna with the help of her qualified staff efficiently conducted the 2018 City of Espanola Municipal Elections focused on “the Peoples” constitutional right to vote facilitating the election process in the best interest of its citizen voters.

Intelligent with unmatched communication skills, tenured experience, and a respected support group of countless established professional colleagues, Anna navigated NNM’s political Helter Skelter and delivered the voters “La Gente de Espanola Nuestro Sangre” an election politically unbiased, transparent, fair, just, and equal which reflected the integrity of her character as the individual appointed to represent our community.

As a business entrepreneur, pioneer, business administration graduate from NNMC, and vested member of our community whose family history in Rio Arriba County, and the city of Espanola includes past elected leaders and educators I too want change thru better city management and became a candidate in past Espanola municipal elections.  I dedicated 6 years to Campeon Boxing Club as a volunteer USA Boxing coach at Lucero Center.  Currently I carry badge and title as “West Side community Watch zone Captain” a volunteer program sanctioned by the City Espanola Department of Public Safety.

Most recent as a volunteer, I took the oath of office as “Early voting Presiding Judge, election official working for Anna our city clerk.  Immersed for 3.5 weeks into city hall, my tenure in business, made evident that city clerk Anna Galvez Squires carried the full weight of the city astronomically above and beyond any other elected official or municipal staff.  Unfortunately after investigation, I discovered Anna has never been publicly recognized for her sincere commitment to our community.

Speaking from 1st hand experience with in City Hall to which I qualify to bare witness, I want to honor recognizing City Clerk Anna Galvez Squires as our cities “# 1 VIP”. Anna a single mom professionally dedicated to our community makes the ultimate sacrifice, lost time with her children.  Anna’s selfless commit to the City of Espanola makes her our city governments (#1) one human resource asset, now transitioning into a new mayoral administration.  Anna’s personal sacrifice reflects her sincere dedication to office, our community, and its citizens.  Anna is irreplaceable as our governing bodies’ foundation stone at City Hall.  Anna continuing the office of City Clerk is essential to our cities future success for a better Espanola.

So if you happen to see Anna Galvez Squires out in public please take the time to stop and thank her for selfless commitment, and personal sacrifice to our Espanola Valley.

Jason L. Salazar