Letter To The Editor: Big Changes At Abiquiu Elem Lead To Meeting Monday


Letter To The Editor: Big Changes At Abiquiu Elem Lead To Meeting Monday

Submitted by Angel Martinez

Attention Abiquiu Elementary School Parents,

There will be a meeting held at Abiquiu Elementary on Monday, Aug. 8 at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the recent changes and concerns when it comes to our Elementary…

On Monday, we lost our Principal Claudia Sena, shortly after we lost or our Kindergarten teacher Miss Rosalie and our 6th-grade teacher. This means our school is missing a Nurse & Counselor (Since last year, which we share with another school), a 6th-grade teacher and will have an interim Kinder teacher/Principal. This means our librarian will perform the role of Librarian/6th Grade Teacher. The School Secretary/Office Manager will once again be doing the Nurse duties and helping when the interim Principal is out. The interim Principal/Kindergarten teacher will be performing two duties, which means when she is acting as Principal, the Kinder aide will be left to cover her class and the class will be monitored by 1 staff member, disregarding the 15:1 student ratio and the students who have an IEP that requires an aide there for one on one needs. There are concerns this interim staff member may not be the right fit, no offense towards her but its more towards the situation at hand.

Our school lost two strong faculty members. Our Principal was disregarded when she asked to be placed solely at Abiquiu Elementary so our students could benefit from her constant presence. The school district/board could not accommodate a strong Principal and presence for the elementary, the community, the school district and even statewide, but then turned around and placed another individual solely at Abiquiu. This is a teacher who turned the school’s grade from a D to an A and last year received the 2016 Excellence in Student Achievement Award by the NM School Board Association. Even with being split between two schools last year, she was able to have an open door policy to parents and resolve many issues to the parents’ ad students’’ favor and her primary concern were the students. Now our school is at a loss.

Many parents are asking for the school district to be accountable for the problems within our school district and within our Elementary. We are losing staff and personal to other school districts and we are losing students to other school districts. The majority of those losses are due to the issues within our school district. The parents and staff have many concerns and have asked the school board to address them. Pablo Lujan has agreed to a meeting with parents and staff on Monday 08/08/16 at 10am. When faced with concerns that not all parents and staff can make the meeting time due to work and staff overseeing summer classes, he was unable to change the time to actually accommodate the parents and staff. So we are faced with this time for the meeting.

We hope that as many parents and staff for the Elementary can attend the meeting and questions will be answered and solutions will be found to the loss of our Principal and the staff vacancies that have plagued our school. We also hope there is some accountability for this situation. There has been conflict within our district and in the very end, it is our students who are suffering. Hopefully, this meeting will have an outcome that helps our school and prevents any further loss of staff and students to other school districts.