Late April Snowfall May Freeze Fruit In Valley

Photo shows a plum tree laden with snow in the El Llano section of Espanola. The fruit on the tree may be lost Fri. morning when temperatures are expected to dip to 27° at about 6 a.m. Photo by Robert Naranjo/

Late April Snowfall May Freeze Fruit In Valley


Snowflakes an inch in diameter fell in the Espanola Valley on Friday. Although it did not accumulate, the snow and moisture may spell trouble for fruit trees and gardens  in the early morning on Saturday when temperatures are forecast to drop to 27° or five degrees below the freezing mark at about 6 a.m.

Farmers in the Valley usually don’t plant crops that are susceptible to freezing until mid May, but onions and other root vegetables have been planted in many gardens already. Usually most gardeners wait until May 15 to plant, but that date is not completely failsafe, the Valley has seen killing frosts in late May in years past.

Covering plants if possible may help save them. Fruit growers use bonfires and wind propellers to save fruit and many growers also buy insurance against the loss of a fruit crop.

Mound of earth is shown here after an early snowfall on Thursday in the Valley. Photo by Robert Naranjo/