Las Clinicas del Norte In Abiquiu Opening Delayed


Las Clinicas del Norte In Abiquiu Opening Delayed

Las Clinicas del Norte terminated its building contract with Rio Vista Construction for failure to perform.

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Everyone by now knows that the delay in occupying the new clinic building was the result of the State FireMarshall (SFM) ruling that the fire suppression tank was a non-compliant NF-22 tank.  This ruling was communicated to the Builder and Owner through a letter dated May 30 2016.

After the letter was submitted the owner and architect, at various times in early June and July, urged the builder to submit the required revised sprinkler plans that now needed to address the addition of four new sprinkler heads under the entry portal. The builder was obligated under the contract to provide the fire sprinkler plans.

The revised sprinkler system, upon approval from the SFM, would also determine the size of an NF-22 compliant tank.  The tank, once sized, has to be ordered and there is up to a six-week wait until it is manufactured and delivered to the site.

In July the builder was asked through an attorney letter whether or not he intended to complete the project. The builder responded in the affirmative but failed to deliver the revised fire sprinkler plans.  This led to having to take the breach of contract Action that terminated the building contract 

With Patricia and David Romero the RVC President and Builder respectfully. Soon the clinic will enter into a new contract with Big Rock Construction and its owner Rocky Fresquez.

The critical path to obtaining a Certification of Occupancy is the submit tank and approval of a revised Sprinkler System Plan, sizing of fire suppression tank, ordering and installing the tank. 

If all goes smoothly, at best this is still a three-month process and if all goes well the new facility can be open around late November or early December.

We want to thank everyone for their concerns and support during this long trying ordeal.

Andy Lopez