LAPS Parents Provide Feedback About The 2020-21 School Year

On June 5, 2020, the Los Alamos Public Schools sent a survey to all parents and families
requesting feedback about options being considered for starting school safely in August 2020.
Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus explained that communicating with parents is essential and the
data from this survey will be useful in planning for the upcoming school year. “We greatly
appreciate parent engagement and feedback on this important topic,” Steinhaus said. “We hope
that CDC and state health guidelines will allow us to return to more normal times. Until then, we
are planning to provide the best possible high-quality education for all students.”
The survey received 1,865 responses representing 1,202 families from every school in the
district and across every grade level. The results were independently analyzed by Dr. Sharon
Fogle, an Instructional Coach with LAPS. Click here for a summary of the results.
Since school as usual is currently not an option, the survey asked parents to give their opinion
on the following:
 Option 1: hybrid model where half of the students attend on Monday and Tuesday and
the other half attend on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday and Saturday would be
used for cleaning and sanitizing.
 Option 2: fully remote learning where children do not come to campus and instruction is
through the computer, home projects, hands-on activities, and self-directed work.
For the question “Which option best meets your child's learning needs if we are not able to have
a traditional schedule next year,” 91 percent of responders wanted a hybrid option while the
remaining 9 percent preferred a fully remote option.
The learning options are from the LAPS Safe-Start Task Force, a diverse and broadly
representative group of staff, parents, students and community members. The Task Force
began by considering hundreds of ideas and identified those that were felt to be the most
feasible and practical for LAPS parents and families.

Common themes pulled from the survey include considering synchronized schedules for
siblings, returning to school full-time, the challenges of working parents, and improving the
quality of remote learning. LAPS administration and the Safe-Start Task Force are carefully
considering these requests and all comments that were submitted in the survey.
These results have been shared with the Safe-Start Task Force who will use the data as part of
their recommendation to the school board to safely start school in August. The data will also aid
school principals as they outline specific procedures for reopening schools. Additionally, the
survey results have been emailed to all LAPS parents.
“We are committed to helping our staff find the time, professional development and resources
needed to help everyone succeed,” said Steinhaus. “Let’s work together to provide hands-on
minds-on learning experiences for all students in a way that is feasible for both parents and