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Message from President & CEO


Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to our very first monthly news e-newsletter. With this newsletter, the LANL Foundation will share some of the GOOD happening in Northern New Mexico. We have incredible student scholars graduating and looking forward to their college experience-whatever it looks like. We have heroic teachers going the extra mile to assure their students get the best instruction possible, and the tools needed to learn from home.  In addition, we have innovative, creative non-profit partners adapting to how they can provide services at a time when we are under stay-at-home orders. New Mexicans have always been adaptive, scrappy and innovative. This pandemic has called on all of us to bring forth these skills like never before.

All of us at the LANL Foundation are with you during this time. We have been working from home the past 10 plus weeks, but our work has continued: working as fast as we can to get grant money out the door, providing support to our teachers and school districts, recruiting students to apply for our Career Pathways scholarship, and more.

Each month we will highlight some of the incredible people that make Northern New Mexico…well, incredible. We all love living here for various reasons–but it is the big-hearted, talented and unique people that make it most special. This newsletter will help us keep in touch with you about what we are doing, what is going on with our teachers, schools, students, families and non-profit partners, and how we are all adapting to this new normal.

I also want to remember the over 7,300 New Mexicans who have contracted the COVID-19 virus and the over 320 people who have died from it in our State. The disproportionate number of our Native American brothers and sisters who have contracted the disease is an indicator of major health and social inequalities that have existed in New Mexico for a long time. Our hearts go out to all who are suffering from this right now–whether because of health, loved ones who are sick or have died, or the loss of a job or livelihood.

We believe that when something breaks, we can re-build it in a better way. We feel this call now more than ever. We are thinking about how we can support New Mexico’s public education system to re-think education and continue on a positive track, while addressing the difficulties of these times, including large inequitable disparities in access to digital devices and the internet. Look for more on these topics and issues in future newsletters.

Finally, I am happy to announce the release of our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan. As our Foundation evolves, it is important we update our strategy, especially in these rapidly changing times. By learning from the past, we fortify future initiatives.

If you have recommendations or suggestions to improve this newsletter, please let us hear from you.  In the meantime, we wish you safety and some joys during this challenging time.

—Jenny Parks, President & CEO


Strategic Plan

LANL Foundation is excited to release our 2020 LANLF Strategic Plan. This document includes our mission, vision, guiding principles, who we serve, current programs, findings from 2019, and our strategies moving forward. We hope you enjoy reading a glimpse into our future as we move boldly to support education and learning for students in our region.


LANL Scholars

Thanks to the generosity of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) employees, contractors, retirees, and members of the general public, 115 awards to 119 students, totaling $750,000, were made possible just last month. This was the outcome of contributions last year and in previous years to the LANL Scholarship Fund, as administered by LANL Foundation with oversight from the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund (LAESF).

This fund provides scholarships to support students in their pursuit of undergraduate degrees, in fields that serve our community and our Laboratory. Merit-based awards are determined by academic achievement, leadership potential, and commitment to service. Financial need, diversity, and regional representation are integral components of the selection process for all awards. To read more about the 2020 Scholarship Recipients, click here.

Meet Ayeh Safi | 2020 Lanl Scholar

To learn how past financial support from our community has helped one special student in particular, meet 2020 LANL Scholar Ayeh Safi.


Stay Curious

The Northern New Mexico STEAM Hub supports teachers and families by providing hands-on activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) that can be done at home. This free public resource is a collective action initiative of the Northern NM STEAM Coalition, and was developed with support from LANL Foundation, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Triad National Security, LLC, and the Community Learning Network. Within its first month, the website drew over 900 unique users. The STEAM Hub was created in response to educators and parents seeking resources for engaging students at home.

By cultivating a sense of inquiry, design, problem-solving, and critical thinking we can help students develop the skills to succeed in the 21st Century as crucial scientists, innovators, and citizens who will shape our ever-changing society. We invite you to visit our website, engage with the resources, contribute your ideas, and stay curious. The site has an integrated translation feature so it can be viewed in multiple languages including Spanish.


Support our Work

Thank you for considering a donation to our scholarship fund today.

Our team recently kicked off the Annual Scholarship Program Fundraising Campaign to continue this influential work. We invite you to join us in supporting a wide range of high-achieving students from the seven counties of Northern New Mexico, including Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, San Miguel, Santa Fe, and Taos. The success of our annual scholarship campaign relies on your continued support. Donations are accepted year-round and may be made through the LANL Foundation’s secure Online Giving Form.

Doing so will increase the possibility for students to receive the priceless gift of education – especially during this difficult time. The footprint of your donation is exponentially more meaningful this year and will be felt by both our students and their families.

Thank you!