JMEC Celebrates At 67th Annual Meeting

Jemez Mountain Electric Cooperative (JMEC) Board listens on as new General Manager, Joseph Sanchez addresses attendees. Valley Daily Post image

JMEC Celebrates At 67th Annual Meeting

The Jemez Mountain Electric Cooperative (JMEC) held their 67th annual meeting in La Cueva this past weekend.  Hundreds of JMEC members and their families gathered for a fun weekend of campaign, rock climbing, local food vendors and live entertainment. 

During Sunday’s official JMEC members meeting, members welcomed JMEC’s new general manager, Joseph Sanchez. President of the JMEC board of trustees, John Tapia praised Sanchez background in electrical engineering noting, “There are a lot of challenges facing co-op. a lot of challenges other coops don’t face. Joseph’s got a lot of support here and we look forward to working with him.”

It was announced that the quorum was set at 5 percent of JMEC membership totaling 1,054 members needed. In total, only 539 voting members were present and the meeting was adjourned as quickly as it began.

PRC Member, Valarie Espinoza was on hand to say a few words.  In her address, she encourages JMEC to do more to ensure a quorum is met at future meetings.  She even suggested offering a $10-20 discount on a utility bill to those who attend the meetings.

After the meeting staffer Jenna Jaquez was asked what the implications were for not having a quorum at this year’s annual meeting.  She noted that because they expected low turnout this year, they didn’t pursue any bylaw changes that would have been voted on at the annual meeting.  She went on to explain that the only way they feel they will guarantee a quorum at future annual meetings is to try, “giving away a brand new vehicle or averaging out a monthly bill with a grand prize of $5,000. “ For more information about Jemez Mountain Electric Cooperative visit