In Their Voice: Summer Internship at Rio Arriba County


Summer Internship at Rio Arriba County

By Evelyn Juarez, Student Intern with Rio Arriba County

It is June 9, 2014, and as I open the door to the Manager’s Suite, I am welcomed by several smiling faces and handshakes. Yes, I was a bit nervous being that it was my first job, but also extremely excited to get started. Little did I know how much knowledge, experiences, and opportunities I would gain in that summer. Christopher Madrid, head of the Economics Department, was my boss. It was my first day on the job and I already had a large project to get started on.As the weeks went by my computer skills advanced, as well as my ability to multitask. Participating and observing groundbreaking events and important meetings opened my eyes to a possible future career; in addition, it revealed to me the vast amount of energy, time, and dedication Rio Arriba County puts in to help our community prosper each and every day.

My name is Evelyn Juarez, I am 17 years old, and I attend Espanola Valley High School as a senior this upcoming year. I’ve always wanted to work somewhere grand and important, and what better place than Rio Arriba County! There are so many inspiring and hardworking individuals that walk the halls of that building that do great things for Rio Arriba. These individuals have and continue to inspire me to dream as big as I can and to work hard to achieve those dreams.

Several people wake up dreading having to go to work; however, I am not one of them. My summer internship was something that I would look forward to every single day, and I am thankful to say that I have received the opportunity to work there again this summer. Seeing all the familiar faces made me realize how much I had missed working with them all. 

I have enjoyed meeting new friends, and I enjoy learning something new every day at my job. I love the variety of my work assignments, and the opportunities I have encountered are helping me to develop professionally. Working for Rio Arriba County is truly a wonderful experience and I would absolutely recommend it to others who care for the residents and community of Rio Arriba and want to make a difference for the better. I, along with the other interns, am ready to work hard and have yet another great summer internship at Rio Arriba County.

See below for more images from Evelyn’s experience as a student intern.

Evelyn at work. Courtesy photo

Evelyn Juarez working with Christopher Madrid. Courtesy photo